I don’t eat it, I just work here

I was having a day where it was particularly difficult to focus on writing, sick and instead of working on the blog post I was supposed to be doing, I was reflecting on complaints I had just heard from several friends about their jobs.  Dissatisfaction from pointless process, from management that didn’t value the customer, from lots of things that were making lots of people unhappy in their jobs.

It drew me back to a dream I had a week or so prior, and this just sort of fell out of the process.

My plan was to  delete it, but I sent it along to Ben to give him a smile on the occasion of his Baby Asher’s birth.  Ben liked it more than I expected him to, and this was the amazing result.  Full text below.


Written by: Scott Russell

Narration and Audio by: Ben Toalson ( www.bentoalson.com )

I don’t eat it, I just work here.

I’m not a zealot about it or anything, I’m not a raving loony about the sanctity of every living thing or adamant about the dangers of eating meat.  I just don’t think I’d like the taste very much.

Working here all day also puts you off. Once you convert a carcass from warm and pumping into refrigerated cuts: loin, shank, flank, you lose almost all curiosity in how it’s prepared or consumed.

This is just a job for me – it’s not like a career or anything.  I just run the bandsaw and clean up the results for retail while I figure out what’s next in my life.  Sometimes I herd between the pens or help the knockers, but I won’t fire the gun. I’m too squeamish for that and everyone is very understanding.

I take some pride in my work, I think most people do eventually.  I try to think about how the end product will be used, and provide the consumer with real value, even though my boss probably doesn’t care very much.

Like I said, this is just a job, but if you’re going to put up with the sounds and the smells, you need to find something to hold onto.

I think everyone in the shop knows that eventually cannibalism will be illegal anyway.

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