I’ve been around startups for a very long time, reaching back into the 1980’s, and if there is one piece of advice that’s never steered me wrong, it’s this:

"When you get into trouble, seek wise counsel."

One of many things I do daily is provide that wise counsel to people who want to start a business, or can’t figure out how to take their startup to the next level.

Scott … drives excellence in everything he does, challenging conformity and generating new ideas and processes. I expect to be working for him one day if he’ll let me. - Kevin G., CTO

Do you …

For about the cost of a cheap lawyer - or a really cheap psychiatrist, I do one-hour calls according to availability. For $100, you pick the time and we get into your issues for a full hour over video. Over the next week, we’ll chat over email and my private slack, and I’ll wrap up my thoughts into useful and tangible actions YOU can take to get out of the rut you’re stuck in. You’ll even get a report, because I find people really like to print reports.

Scott is, without a doubt, the hardest working developer, innovator and entrepreneur I have ever met. His work ethic is legendary, his drive endless, and his morals immutable. - Aubrey A., Staff Engineer

If you like what you get out of it, I have subscription packages available, and we can set up a regular schedule. I’ll be the CTO in your pocket.

You don’t have to be trapped! I’m here to be your bite-size mentor, and together we can beat whatever this thing is that’s holding your business back. Click here to get the ball rolling.

Yup, I'm ready - Let's do it.

Still not ready? Here are a few more recommendations from people I’ve worked with.

Want to challenge your ideals and think forward? Work with Scott. - Lorin Sutton, IT Senior Director

Scott is passionate about personal learning and career advance, he really wants everyone to grow in their work … I hope to work with Scott again. - Alexandra T., UX / UI Lead

Scott … spots programming issues and design ramifications within a few moments - David G., Principal Software Engineer

Scott … took it upon himself to be a teacher, mentor, and a friend. I can not see my team working as hard, and as well as we did without the amazing guidance and management Scott provided. - Eric P., Software Engineer

Scott … has an uncanny ability to pick up new skills incredibly quickly and has built such a diverse skillset that, at times, it felt like he was just good at everything. - Gustavo F., Frontend Developer

Okay, that did it - I'm ready.